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MMy last station

07/24/20191 Min Read — In BusinessPhase

The last two weeks of my business phase have started, and since Monday I am again in a new (and also my last) team. This team is responsible for HolidayCheck Reisen, and I was also involved in the…

AAnother week in the Business Phase

07/12/20192 Min Read — In BusinessPhase

This week I joined a company which differs from what I've seen so far in the business phase. A Company? Yeah, the car rental portal Driveboo which is a full subsidiary of the HolidayCheck Group AG and…

BBusiness Phase - Get to know the Urlauber

06/06/20191 Min Read — In BusinessPhase

My last post was already a few days ago, which is because I am now in the business phase. This and next week I am in the department Service&Complaints, so I have a lot of contact with the…

DDay30 - Planning the Business Phase

05/21/20191 Min Read — In BusinessPhase

Today I have started to plan my business phase which will start on 1 June. The business phase, as the second phase of the apprenticeship, enables the apprentice to learn about different teams, their…