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OOn 'Transformation Priority Premise'

06/12/20192 Min Read — In TDD

A few days ago I read an article by Uncle Bob entitled Transformation Priority Premise. This post summarizes it's core idea of Transformations and the Transformation Priority Premise. What is a…

DDay33 & Day34 - TDD Patterns

05/25/20192 Min Read — In TDD

The last two days I mainly spent reading Kent Beck's book TDD by Example. This post summarizes the most important TDD patterns he presents in there. Test-Driven Development Patterns Isolated Tests…

DDay29 - Morning Kata: 'Configure your own wardrobe'

05/17/20191 Min Read — In TDD

In the last three morning-kata sessions, Masha and I solved a real-world task which is as follows: Imagine you have just moved into your new apartment, and then you notice that you still need a new…

DDay28 - Some thoughts on Kent Beck's TDD-Session

05/16/20191 Min Read — In TDD

Yesterday and today I watched Kent Beck's video session Test Driven Development. I have to say that I was a bit confused by the way Beck demonstrates TDD in this screencast because I expected it to be…

DDay27 - The Origins of TDD

05/15/20191 Min Read — In TDD

This post provides a short overview of where TDD comes from and how it has evolved. Kent Beck is known as the developer or at least rediscoverer of TDD as stated on Wikipedia. Kent Beck writes on…


04/04/20191 Min Read — In TDD

Yesterday I wasn't able to write a post anymore since my head was just too full of information and thoughts. The reason for this was the TDD (Test Driven Development) session I had with Wolfram in the…