Day11 - Focusing

04/15/20191 Min Read — In self-organization

Do you remember my post from Day4&Day5, when I was looking for new ways to organize myself better? Today I'll report which approaches I tried to keep focus on a task and how it worked so far.

1. Manage my tasks on a piece of paper

In addition to my Github-Projects board, I write down today's tasks on a piece of paper every morning. I then try to work on these tasks in order from top to bottom. After I have finished a task, I tick it off or cross it out. Not only does this bring a little feeling of success every time, but it also shows me what's next.

2. Disable notifications for a specific period of time

I use the integrated "don't disturb" function on my Macbook to do this. I noticed that this helps me to focus on the current task much better. It is also sufficient to read mails and messages a bit later.

3. Do not accept every invitation

When I'm in a new environment, I always try to collect as many impressions and information as possible to understand current topics as well as their their connections.
However, it is worth considering which events/talks are worth participating in, and when one might better take care of one's own tasks. Really not that easy!

4. Leave the office and find a quieter place if it gets too loud

Sometimes when it gets too loud in the office, I just grab my laptop and look for a quieter place. There are so many places nice places (also with a great view 🏔🌊) here at the office.

And now it's time to tick off the current task "write blog post" ✅ and search a cool kata for tomorrow's coding session 😎