Day22 - Day25 - HCCamp2019

05/13/20192 Min Read — In Sessions, Talks, People, Fun, Sun

I have not written any post for days, for good reasons: last week about 100 colleagues and I (let's call us campers in this blog post) spent 4 days in Varna, Bulgaria for the HCCamp2019. And believe me, there was no time for a blog post, there were so many other important things to do :-)

Please notice that this post only describes my experiences and way of view on the HCCamp. Each camper may see things differently or may have had other experiences. 😉

What is the HCCamp about?

The HCCamp is a kind of conference with open space sessions and talks that lasts 2 days. In the morning, every camper had the opportunity to present a session on a topic of his choice. The other campers who didn't want to host a session themselves had the opportunity to go to an open space session and exchange ideas and questions with the other campers. So 3 to 4 sessions took place at the same time throughout the day. As diverse as the backgrounds of the campers (developers, designers, product managers, ...), as diverse were the topics of the Open Space sessions and talks. There were not only sessions on developer-specific topics such as Functional Programming, Docker or Deep Learning, but also sessions on topics such as UX or Transparency on Management. In addition, there were other remarkable sessions like dancing Swing or "Yes we have cows on the streets", which were very much enjoyed by the campers.

For me, it was the first time that I participated in Open Space sessions and I really liked it damn well. One more reason to look forward to the SoCraTes conference in August (wish me luck with the ticket lottery which is still pending)!

What was the best experience I made at the HCCamp?

Besides all the sessions and great talks, I have to say that there was one thing that I liked the most: the get together of people from different teams and different locations who want to exchange ideas, have fun and just want to share a great time together. The HCCamp simply offers so many opportunities to socialize and get to know people! Thanks to all campers out there, it was just awesome!

If you want to get more impressions of the HCCamp, I recommend you to visit HCCamp on Twitter :-)