Day28 - Some thoughts on Kent Beck's TDD-Session

05/16/20191 Min Read — In TDD

Yesterday and today I watched Kent Beck's video session Test Driven Development. I have to say that I was a bit confused by the way Beck demonstrates TDD in this screencast because I expected it to be something else. What I missed the most were the baby steps, which I got to know so far from the TDD approach. For me, it sometimes seemed that many assumptions were made and a lot of code was written at once.

After I finished the video session, I started to read his book Test Driven Development by Example. Compared to his videos, in his book Beck really does the baby steps I've missed before. In his book he writes:

Do these steps seem to small to you? Remember, TDD is not about taking teeny-tiny steps, it's about being able to take teeny-tiny steps. Would I code day-to-day with steps this small? No. But when things get the least bit weird, I'm glad I can.

Well, that explanation sounds pretty reasonable to me. For me, however, it means continuing to stick to the baby steps first :-)

See you tomorrow!