Day29 - Morning Kata: 'Configure your own wardrobe'

05/17/20191 Min Read — In TDD

In the last three morning-kata sessions, Masha and I solved a real-world task which is as follows:

Imagine you have just moved into your new apartment, and then you notice that you still need a new wardrobe for your dressing room. Regrettably, you won't find a wardrobe that fits exactly to the size of your wall. But fortunately, the Swedish furniture dealer of your choice offers you the opportunity to build your own, customized wardrobe by combining individual wardrobe elements. The wardrobe elements are available in the following sizes: 50cm, 75cm, 100cm, and 120cm. The wall on which the wardrobe elements are placed has a total length of 250cm. With which combinations of wardrobe elements can you make the most of the space? Write a function that returns all combinations of wardrobe elements that exactly fill the wall.

Where does this task come from? ... :-)

Here is the pull-request I created to publish this task on

Let's see if it gets merged :-)

But I definitely have to go home now, time to order the new wardrobe... :-)