Day4 & Day5

04/05/20191 Min Read — In self-organization

It's April 5th today and the first week of the apprenticeship comes to an end. How time flies! I cannot remember any other week in the last months where time has flown by so much! Maybe this was the case at the final stage of my thesis when the pressure went up again. But this time it's something different, no pressure. I think it's the variety of impressions I've had this week: a new company, new colleagues (nice colleagues!!), a lot of names, faces, team names, tools... A completely new environment in a nutshell.

This week I often got the feeling that I was doing a thousand things at once, be it organizational things, the morning katas, meetings with my mentors, setting up this blog or writing a post. In order to manage my tasks, I use a digital taskboard (Github Projects). However, I had the feeling that I could not really focus on a single task at a certain time, so I should try to organize myself better first.

For this reason, I chose self-organization as my major task for the upcoming week: I want to

  1. understand how to reduce the number of context switches.
  2. find an approach to visualize my task progress by category in order to get a better overview of what I did in the last few days.
  3. set up an appropriate solution.

That's all, there are no other tasks in my 'todo' column for next week. Only when I have completed these 3 tasks will I dedicate myself to other tasks. Therefore, self-organization has priority 1 for next week.

That's the plan so far, but now it's time to go :-)

Have a nice weekend 👋