04/07/20191 Min Read — In self-organization, React.js, JavaScript

In today's daily meeting the question arose whether an absolute number of completed tasks is suitable to represent the time invested in a certain topic. Theoretically yes, but only in case all tasks would require the same amount of time - which is practically impossible.

In order to still get representative results, my PPM came up with the idea of assigning an additional label to a task which reflects it's time effort (that is sort of a weighting factor).

So I decided to introduce two weighting factors: A task labeled with weighting factor L (for large) will be counted twice, where a task labeled with XL (for xtra large) will be counted three times.

This weighting makes it possible to present the invested time more representatively. I think it's a nice solution that also has another advantage: If I finish a task (i.e. I move it into the 'done' column) and notice that the task was too big ('L') or much too big ('XL'), then I have to label the task accordingly of course. This step is absolutely necessary, otherwise the whole evaluation is falsified and offers no benefit at all. So labeling a task is an action that I am very conscious of. This also means that whenever I label a task with a weighting factor, I should ask myself whether I could have split it better before :-)

That's it for now, see you tomorrow!