Day8 - How I discovered Elixir

04/10/20191 Min Read — In Elixir, programming

A challenge that every apprentice faces is to learn a new programming language. Most of the former apprentices decided for Scala or Haskell. I already know Scala (at least the basic concepts) since it is taught at my university. I have to say that I really like Scala, even though I always ask myself how I could improve my Scala code to be more "functional". Since I have a great interest in functional programming, I think that learning Haskell could also fit well. Nevertheless I decided to go with Elixir. Some people in the company just asked me how I came up with Elixir. In case you don't know - here is how:

About 1.5 years ago I browsed Youtube to learn more on functional programming. Then I came across Rob Martin's video called Teaching functional programming to noobs and I just thought 'cool, Robert Martin will teach me some functional programming'. The attentive reader of this post may have noticed it - I didn't at the point back then. I just thought 'Oh, man, it's really weird how Uncle Bob changed his look'. Well, half a minute later or so I also realized that Rob and Robert weren't the same. 😁

Nevertheless, I watched the talk and became curious when Rob Martin spoke of Elixir (a language I had never heard of before). This somehow aroused my interest and I wanted to know what was this "Elixir" thing is. So this is how I discovered the language Elixir - actually by misreading names 😁

However, I have no real experience with Elixir, I just wrote a few lines here or there for trying. So I just decided to choose Elixir as my 'new language' for the apprenticeship :-)

Tomorrow I'll tell you more on what makes Elixir so special for me, be curios!