Happy Faces

09/30/20191 Min Read — In Masterpiece

Recently I wrote a blog post in which I said that I will try to blog more in the last time of my apprenticeship. And I didn't make it, unfortunately. In the last 2 weeks, there have been some spontaneous, important meetings and sessions, which are essential for my future time with my new team (TourOperator🎉). I still have an unpublished blog post on my laptop, where I explain the tech stack of my Masterpiece project in more detail. I will finish and post this one in the near future.

Btw., how did my Masterpiece go? On Friday - after some back and forth (with rights problems & MySql) - I finally deployed my service on the production environment, so just in time :-) This afternoon, I had a meeting with my stakeholders Sandra & Sybille from the content department, where I presented them the final state. Together we checked the application's behavior for real data on the productive system. I have to admit that for me, these are moments when the pulse starts to beat a little faster. Due to TDD, I have a high test coverage in my project, which also gives me great confidence in the correct behavior of the software. But nevertheless, presenting and double-checking your software with production data is still an exciting moment, at least for me. But everything went great - we found not a single case where the tool produced a wrong output - very satisfying ;-D

So my time as an apprentice ends with a tear in one eye (time passed too fast!) and a smile in the other (cool work in a new, great team!). But the best thing about this day, my official last day as an apprentice, was to see the happy faces of Sandra & Sybille, who are very excited about their new tool - the MilesChecker :-)