09/05/20191 Min Read — In Masterpiece

My last month as Apprentice has already started, and so I am in the middle of my masterpiece project. So, what is my Masterpiece about? I still remember the time very well when I joined the "Content" department in my business phase for a few days. Sandra, a colleague of mine working in team "Partnerships", showed me what kind of technical questions she receives from our business partners. One question might be, for example, how to use the HolidayCheck API correctly. While she explained to me how she handles different kinds of requests, she interrupted our conversation and said, "Oh wait, the miles check has to be done now. But that's an unpleasant task. Maybe you want to do something else for that time?" I just answered "no"! A few days before, I had already heard about this "terrible miles checking" from another colleague in the same department. Now I got curious to understand what this "miles check" was. So Sandra showed it and explained it in detail to me. It didn't take a long time until I noticed that most parts of this (really!) unpleasant process could be done by software.

In short, and without going into detail, "miles checking" is a manual process done by colleagues who check the miles information which shall be credited to the hotel review's authors.

Well, and that's what I'm working on right now - a web application which the colleagues from "Content" department can use to save a few hours every other week :-) Therefore, I use Elixir in the backend, but right now, I "fight" my way through the frontend with HTML, CSS & JavaScript. But enough for today, information about technologies, frameworks, and libraries will follow in another blog post. :-)

See you tomorrow!