My last station

07/24/20191 Min Read — In BusinessPhase

The last two weeks of my business phase have started, and since Monday I am again in a new (and also my last) team. This team is responsible for HolidayCheck Reisen, and I was also involved in the development.

In context of this team, I will develop a Scala service which provides information about transfer offers (i.e., how can you get from the airport to the hotel). For data management, it was discussed that I will use a MongoDB (cool!). For the REST interface, I would like to try out Akka-HTTP because until now I have only used the Play-Framework for Scala-Web-Services and so I can see something new :-) Unfortunately, the first two days were quite sobering, because I didn't progress as I wanted to: I used the scalaxb-sbt plugin to generate classes from an XSD file (XML Schema Definition). However, there were some troubles with code generation. First I had trouble to resolve dependencies correctly, then I destroyed my entire sbt project and last but not least, two files with almost the same name were generated (package.class and Package.class). Since the filesystem on Mac is case-insensitive, this causes troubles when executing the application. And when everything worked out halfway, I finally noticed that the XSD and thus the generated classes and parser didn't fit the XML files. 🤦

Learning of the day(s): next time I should slow down when starting a task, analyze the data+structure first, and then start coding. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

At least it worked out better today.

Have a nice evening!